Storey Trucking Company started in 1966

but the real story begins well before that. In the early 1900’s, Eric Storey’s great grandfather moved from the Carolinas to Alabama, and started growing potatoes, an enterprise that paid the bills and supported his family through the Great Depression into the boom years following World War II.

In the late 1960s, Eric Storey’s father, Paul Storey, went one step beyond farming. “We needed some way to start getting that crop to market, so we bought a truck or two,” Storey recalled about how the family’s trucking business began. “Then we started hauling around the Southeast. Of course, after the crop was gone, we had a couple of trucks sitting around, so they started hauling freight.”

Today, the Storey family owns and operates the farm and Storey Trucking, an enterprise with over 100 company-owned trucks that haul general freight throughout the 48 contiguous United States.

Maximize Your Earning Potential

At Storey we realize that the demands put on Drivers today are unprecedented.  That's why we develop lanes and scheduling to maximize a drivers earning potential. Whether it be Local Regional or Long Haul we can put you in a program that will work for you.  Give us a chance to prove that we care about you and your success.


Our Philosophy

Since 1966 Storey Trucking has grown from one truck to a fleet of over 90 Trucks today. In choosing to remain a relatively small company by today's standards in provides us with the ability to identify certain areas of service that we can excel in. Sure we would benefit from growth but with that growth we sacrifice the very thing that distinguishes us from most, the idea that each customer is deemed a partner and without their success we have not held up our end of the bargain. To help achieve these service levels we focus on hiring and developing the best team members possible.  Once we have a customers freight on our truck you can be assured we are doing what ever it takes to provide excellent service. If you have freight that need to be transported give us an opportunity to provide you with the service you deserve.